Finding Gems in the Dust

BBC Radio 6 Music has recently a series of broadcasts that celebrate libraries.  This is a really interesting thing for a radio station to do and a number creative projects have been undertaken – including a song produced with DJ Yoda, produced in three hours using samples from the archive and its really good too, a fascinating mash-up of old audio samples and music.


BBC6 music

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Projects like this are really powerful, as they highlight just the shear range and depth of material contained in archives, especially in institutions as established as the British Library.  For us, here at Simplexity, it is this potential that we find so exciting.  We’ve developed the technical processes to sample archived data so we can speed up how to derive insights and ‘gems’ from such archives, many of which are just gathering dust…


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As the 6Music project shows, there is tremendous potential in tapping all these ideas, artworks and research that have laid dormant for so long…all we need to do is just start working through them…


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