Ultimately, it is very difficult to predict the future.  Between knowledge and opinion there is a whole grey area in which speculation occurs.  At Simplexity, we believe, speculation is unavoidable in futures analysis so we seek to be clear about when and how we are doing it.  It is probably, the most challenging aspect of futures analysis, but thanks to the full range of ideas you can speculate about, it’s probably the most fun too!


We run ‘strategic games’ that enable us to better understand both the range of ideas about the future, but also, how to respond to change in certain circumstances.  We can combine all of our analysis for such events, using data visualisations and creative vignettes (developed from the messy fringe) to produce interesting and immersive gaming experiences.


Through the ‘Messy Fringe’ we run competitions on speculative fiction.  We regularly ask for short stories along certain themes and publish the winners in this section of the website.  We also undertake data visualisations and analysis of all the entries to our competitions to see what ‘big themes’ our contributors are coming up with.  Please visit ‘The Messy Fringe for more detail’